Rome Area History Museum – March 2012

Here's the audio that we collected during our investigation at the museum.  SPI would like to thank Leigh Barba for allowing us the opportunity to investigate the museum and coordinating the reveal show.  Both turned out better than we could have ever expected.

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EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon)

Basement (original street level) 

1no.mp3 1no.mp3
Size : 89.125 Kb
Type : mp3
6bang.mp3 6bang.mp3
Size : 1442.125 Kb
Type : mp3

 Upstairs (room with elevator)

2unexplained_voice.mp3 2unexplained_voice.mp3
Size : 216.125 Kb
Type : mp3
7female_voice.mp3 7female_voice.mp3
Size : 177.625 Kb
Type : mp3

 Main Floor (Gone With the Wind exhibit and near Leigh's office)

3im_trying.mp3 3im_trying.mp3
Size : 210.625 Kb
Type : mp3
4not_good.mp3 4not_good.mp3
Size : 153.125 Kb
Type : mp3
5unexplained_voice.mp3 5unexplained_voice.mp3
Size : 161.625 Kb
Type : mp3
8female_voice.mp3 8female_voice.mp3
Size : 318.125 Kb
Type : mp3