Firehouse - March 2012

The crew of this fire department has asked us to not disclose the location of the station and any of their identities, but SPI would like to give them all special thanks for asking us to come out and investigate.  The guys were awesome to work with and all of us at SPI really enjoyed the time we spent with them.

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 The following EVPs were caught in the fire station's bay.

fh_336.mp3 fh_336.mp3
Size : 85.125 Kb
Type : mp3
fh_adam.mp3 fh_adam.mp3
Size : 361.125 Kb
Type : mp3
fh_bang.mp3 fh_bang.mp3
Size : 220.125 Kb
Type : mp3
fh_unexplained_voice.mp3 fh_unexplained_voice.mp3
Size : 99.125 Kb
Type : mp3
fh_unexplained_voice2.mp3 fh_unexplained_voice2.mp3
Size : 113.125 Kb
Type : mp3
fh_unexplained_voice3.mp3 fh_unexplained_voice3.mp3
Size : 166.125 Kb
Type : mp3
fh_unexplained_voice4.mp3 fh_unexplained_voice4.mp3
Size : 184.125 Kb
Type : mp3
fh_unexplained_voice5.mp3 fh_unexplained_voice5.mp3
Size : 130.125 Kb
Type : mp3
fh_yea.mp3 fh_yea.mp3
Size : 238.125 Kb
Type : mp3