Floyd County Historic Courthouse – June 2012

The Follow Up


In June, SPI did a follow up investigation of our March investigation at the Floyd County Historic Courthouse.  Kevin Payne (Rome / Floyd County Tax Commissioner) and Deborah Staney were able to join us again on the investigation.  We, as a team, have come to love this place. It's one of our top places that we are always at the ready to go and investigate.  Below are the results of our investigation.  And, once again, this place did not disappoint. 

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EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon)

Hallway behind upstairs courtroom (judge's chambers) 

H_261_unexplained_voice.mp3 H_261_unexplained_voice.mp3
Size : 128.615 Kb
Type : mp3

Basement and Holding Cell 

B_217_get_down.mp3 B_217_get_down.mp3
Size : 78.025 Kb
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B_217_possible_name.mp3 B_217_possible_name.mp3
Size : 238.842 Kb
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B_266_bang.mp3 B_266_bang.mp3
Size : 164.533 Kb
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B_217_unexplained_voice.mp3 B_217_unexplained_voice.mp3
Size : 96.801 Kb
Type : mp3
B_265_knocks.mp3 B_265_knocks.mp3
Size : 350.655 Kb
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