Co-Founder and Lead Investigator

Barry Caudle

Barry is the founder and lead investigator of Southern Paranormal Investigators (SPI CREW). Barry has 3 children, and has been involved in the paranormal field for 20 years. Barry formed SPI CREW on the foundation of helping people with their paranormal problems.


Co-Founder and Lead Investigator

Chris Lanham

Chris has been interested in the paranormal field for more than a decade. He is married with 1 child and works as a  manager in a chain of local stores by day and paranormal investigator by night.   

Investigator in training

Dennis Shoaf

Dennis works for the Kellogg Company, where he is a line manager for the last 28 years. He has a MBA from Shorter University, and is currently serving as Mayor Pro Tem for the City of Cave Spring. He is a very active outdoorsman and loves to fish in local tournaments. He has been involved with SPI CREW a little over a year.


                      Lead Investigator

             Mike Holmes         

Mike has been involved in the paranormal field for over a decade and is an original member of SPI CREW. Mike is married with 2 children, is a tattoo artist and the owner of Immortal Tattoos in Calhoun.



Christy Davis 

Christy is a middle school teacher, and story teller. She has an M. Ed and an Ed.S in creative arts in teaching, and is currently doing dissertation work in the area of teaching local history through ghost stories. She is the Coordinator of the Cave Screams Ghost Tours, and has been involved with SPI CREW for 5 years. Her hobbies include long walks on the beach, windsurfing and deep down inside, she hopes for World peace.

Investigator in training

Ginny Mercier

Ginni currently works in the food and nutrition profession, and is a certified Kripalu yoga instructor. She has also studied paranormal psychology at Santa Fe Community College under the direction of Dr. Andrew Nichols. She was a member of Old Gilchrist Co. Jail Ghost Hunters until her move from Gainesville, Florida, and is now an active member of SPI CREW.

Lead Investigator

Chris Buffington

Chris is married with 3 children and works as an electrician and fire fighter. He's been interested in the paranormal for over 15 years since his experiences in his childhood home.


 Investigator in training

Peggy Busby

Peggy has been a Union Millwright for 20 years, and has worked as a safety professional in the construction world for the past 10 years. She is an OSHA trainer, a cruelty neglect investigator in animal rescue, as well as a first responder and disaster relief leader. She is married, the mother of 1 son, has 2 grandchildren. Her hobbies include riding Harley, quilting and raising 6 fur babies. She is active in local charities to prevent abuse, and is the newest member of SPI CREW, seeking answers to help others with their paranormal problems.