Floyd County Historic Courthouse – March 2012


In March SPI was once again privileged with the opportunity to come out and investigate the Floyd County Historic Courthouse at the request of Kevin Payne (Rome / Floyd County Tax Commissioner).  We were honored to have Kevin and Deborah Staney, a longtime associate for the tax office, join us on that night’s investigation.  Along with their extensive knowledge of the building and its claims, both proved to be natural born investigators.  Below are the results of our investigation.  I think we all walked away that night with the feeling that we might not have been alone… 

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EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon)

Basement - Holding Cell 

ch_bang.mp3 ch_bang.mp3
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Type : mp3
ch_whispers.mp3 ch_whispers.mp3
Size : 167.125 Kb
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Basement - Between Stairs and Holding Cell

ch_unexplained_voices.mp3 ch_unexplained_voices.mp3
Size : 162.625 Kb
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ch_unexplained_voice2.mp3 ch_unexplained_voice2.mp3
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ch_unexplained_voice3.mp3 ch_unexplained_voice3.mp3
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ch_unexplained_voice4.mp3 ch_unexplained_voice4.mp3
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Basement - Deborah's Old Office

ch_getout_will_ya.mp3 ch_getout_will_ya.mp3
Size : 124.625 Kb
Type : mp3

Basement - "Secret Room" 

ch_getout.mp3 ch_getout.mp3
Size : 352.625 Kb
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 Main Lobby

ch_unexplained_noise.mp3 ch_unexplained_noise.mp3
Size : 123.625 Kb
Type : mp3

Upstairs Courtroom

ch_unexplained_voice5.mp3 ch_unexplained_voice5.mp3
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