Chieftains Museum Halloween 2010

The following pictures were taken during the last investigation of  Chieftains Museum and grounds. These were presented during our program at the museum on Halloween night.

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This Photo was taken on the front porch area of the main house.  It appears to be a mass sitting on the steps holding somthing. 

This photo shows what appears to be a shadow figure on the side of the display in the right side of the photo. The figure in front of the window in the center is a mannequin and not a shadow. This photo was captured in the back room of the museum (closest to the river). The shadow seems to be close in shape to the figure caught in the window in the next column of pictures. 


The next few photos show a hand print that appeared on the glass of a display case upstairs at the top of the steps. We were siting on the floor asking questions when we noticed footsteps and then the glass shakes on the case. I (Chip) turned to my left and shined my flashlight on the glass and noticed this. We used powder that was blown onto the print to make it show up better. Debby Brown (museum representative) verified that the case was cleaned that afternoon and nobody had been upstairs since. The hand was about the size of a five or six year old child.



This is the left hand window next to the backdoor (kitchen), and is used as a storage area. The photos were taken at 12:10 am. The first two shows empty windows and the next one, well it is self explanatory. KEEP IN MIND THERE WAS NOBODY INSIDE THE MUSEUM, THE DOORS WERE LOCKED AND THE ALARM WAS SET!!!!!



 The next three photos show the same window, 17 minutes later than the first three shots.



 Notice the head has moved to a different part of the window two times, and it's facial expression has changed four!!! We have returned to the museum numerous times to try and recreate these photos, and did not come anywhere close!!!

The following photos were taken of the upstairs windows.  

This photo shows a face just above the window mullion (white stripe). This is the end set of window on the upstairs porch that faces the parking area next to the museum.

 This window is located in the back upstairs room over the kitchen. The photo shows what appears to be a woman looking out the side window overlooking the area with the picnic tables. We think she may be holding something. In the next photo you will see it a little better.

We believe that the object she is holding could be a baby. It is next to her jaw on the right.