Chieftians Museum - 2011

The following evidence was recorded during the last investigations of  Chieftains Museum with our two guest investigators Lori Posey and Ted Carver. These guys did a great job. This evidence was presented along with the guest investigators personal experiences during our program at the museum on Halloween night. Please enjoy and if you have any questions please ask by email or facebook us at southern paranormal investigators (SPI).

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 (Electronic Voice  Phenomenon)

To make them easier to understand, please use earphones.

Upstairs Landing 

CM_142_1.mp3 CM_142_1.mp3
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CM_142_2.mp3 CM_142_2.mp3
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CM_146_1.mp3 CM_146_1.mp3
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 Upstairs Living Room 

CM_147_1.mp3 CM_147_1.mp3
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CM_166_1.mp3 CM_166_1.mp3
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 Downstairs Green Room at Museum back 

CM_167_1.mp3 CM_167_1.mp3
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CM_167_2.mp3 CM_167_2.mp3
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CM_167_3.mp3 CM_167_3.mp3
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 Great Room  Next to Gift Shop

CM_169_1.mp3 CM_169_1.mp3
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CM_183_1.mp3 CM_183_1.mp3
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Upstairs Living Room With Fireplace 

CM_183_2.mp3 CM_183_2.mp3
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CM_500_1.mp3 CM_500_1.mp3
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Upstairs Landing  

CM_501_1.mp3 CM_501_1.mp3
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 Photographs taken at various locations in the museum.

First of three photos taken of what we believe is an apparition forming at the gift shop window.  As the photos progress the image become clearer.



This photo shows what looks to be another apparition coming out of the center downstairs room into the hall.

 This photo shows what looks to be another apparition standing at the back of the staircase.